Better Products

The fashion industry has a lot to answer for when it comes to taking care of people and our planet. And the word sustainability has become used so widely that it has almost lost all meaning.

The greenest thing you can do? Not buy any clothes.

But as we’re in the business of making clothes, we want to ensure they have a life beyond your wardrobe (and never, ever end up in landfill). Mend them. Share them. Put them through their paces. Feel fantastic and then let someone else feel fantastic, too.

Make memories. Make informed choices. Make life as good as it can be. We’ll just make it all a bit brighter, and try to do it all a bit better.
CCMOM is working to ensure that all our products are of high quality and safe to wear. This includes managing the whole process from material procurement to product packaging in a sustainable way, taking into account both environmental and social impacts.

To reduce our environmental impacts and protect human rights throughout our value chain, we are working to enhance responsible and sustainable sourcing.

We plan to purchase and use organic cotton with third-party certification in some of our products while piloting some regular products with recycled polyester to reduce waste and production impacts.

For a more transparent and credible supply chain, we will develop our responsible sourcing policy for raw materials to practice sustainable and responsible business principles.

Quality management

CCMOM is currently working to establish a greenhouse gas (GHG) emission inventory to accurately track, monitor, and measure GHG emissions from our operations while developing a mechanism to disclose GHG emissions. We will also set a GHG reduction target and roadmap to better manage GHG emissions and guide us towards committed goals.

Chemicals management

We have published CCMOM's Compliance Policy and Quality Manual to ensure that the chemical testing of our products complies with US and EU standards.

To meet higher requriements, in 2022, we will introduce the Restricted Substance List (RSL) for all kids'apparel fabrics. We will also introduce OEKO-TEX certifications for some products, and Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) future.


Stop unneccessary and unsustainable packaging.

Environmental-friendly packaging

To reduce our carbon footprint, we use environmental compliance-tested packaging consumables. We're committed to reaching 100% GRS-certified material for our packaging in the future. Hangtags will be made of FSC-certified materials and printed with biodegradable soy-based inks to minimize the generation of hazardous waste.

We will explore increasing the use of recyclable packaging consumables. For example, wash labels and heat transfer labels will be considered to contain certified recyclable materials.

Less packaging

We avoid waste of packaging materials whenever possible by performing swaps and recycling with our suppliers and by purchasing in small quantities. In the future, we will also use fewer packaging materials including hangtags and isolation paper to reduce our products' carbon footprint.

Digital Printing

We promise that the personal information obtained from customers is solely used for business optimization, not for advertising.

CCMOM respects and values the security of our customers' personal information. To ensure that data privacy is properly protected, We have established an information securty management system to limit the collection and use of consumer data. We also strive to continuously improve our security procedures by complying with privacy laws such as GDPR, LGPD, and CCPA, as well as becoming an EHI member.

We are committed to eliminating information security incidents by providing training to our employees and incorporating data security indicators into their assessments.